Platters by Sponge Kitchens

Organising a party or event? Let Sponge Kitchens take the strain.

We offer a wide selection of freshly prepared buffet platters to meet all budgets and tastes.

View the menu choices below and call 020 8650 0062 to place your order.

Assorted Fruit Platters
Assortment of seasonal fruits

£2.50 per person (minimum order for 5 people)

Fruit Kebabs

Cut fresh fruit on skewers (2 x per person)
£2.00 per person (minimum order for 5 people)
Fisherman’s Platter

1 x Crab sticks, mayonnaise & salad
1 x Prawn cocktail & lettuce
1 x Smoked salmon & cream cheese
1 x Tuna & cucumber
1 x Tuna, red onion, sweet corn & salad

£18.00 (serves 5 people: 20 sandwich quarters)
Meat Feast Platter

1 x Bacon, lettuce & tomato
1 x Chicken, bacon & avocado
1 x Gammon ham, tomato & mustard
1 x Roast chicken, salad & mayonnaise
1 x Salt beef & gherkin

£18.00 (serves 5 people:)
Mixed Antipasti Meat Platter

Selection of cold meats to include Parma ham, salami and
mortadella, served with cantaloupe melon, olives and fresh figs.
Comes with a ciabatta loaf

£25.00 (serves 5 people)
Sponge Kitchens Platter

1 x Chicken pesto & sundried tomato
1 x Chicken, spinach, bacon & salad
1 x Italian salami & swiss cheese
1 x Roast beef, tomato & horseradish
1 x Seafood mix & salad

£20.00 (serves 5 people: 20 sandwich quarters)
Vegetarian Platter

1 x Avocado, grilled peppers & lettuce
1 x Cheese salad & pickle
1 x Cream cheese & cucumber
1 x Egg mayonnaise & cress

£18.00 (serves 5 people: 20 sandwich quarters)
Cocktail Savouries

Mini sausage rolls, bacon and cheese wraps and cheese straws
Cocktail Cakes
Cocktail Danish pastries
Cocktail cupcakes
Cocktail Dip fancies
Cocktail Chocolate fudge brownies

80p each